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Hampton Manor is a country house hotel and restaurant close to Birmingham Airport, formerly the country estate of Sir Robert Peel (Prime Minister from 1834-35 and 1841-46) founder of the Metropolitan Police.

Hampton Manor

Hampton Manor

How Are You Ltd provide a servicing and maintenance package that incorporates the intruder alarm, emergency lighting, air-conditioning and CCTV. Based on a monthly charge we will attend to any system faults with speed and efficiency. The package of services includes the hotel’s fire alarm which is obviously a safety-critical system.

We conduct annual servicing of all systems and regular checks to ensure that everything is working correctly. In addition the intruder alarm is also monitored by our alarm receiving centre run by Chubb.

By keeping these vital systems on a comprehensive service arrangement with us, our client is both assured of prompt response and they know they will not be faced with call-out charges. Any systems placed under our care will be attended to for fault-finding at no charge – that is how confident we are that we maintain these system correctly.

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