New Student Hostel

New Student Hostel

The Indian YMCA have owned and run hostel facilities in London since the early 1920s and currently occupy a 5-storey property on the corner of Fitzroy Square, accommodating more than 100 students as well as providing hotel facilities for overnight guests.

YMCA London

Having identified a suitable property in Birmingham the Indian YMCA acquired the former Fountain Court Hotel on Hagley Road. Prior to acquisition How Are You Ltd provided consultation on the potential development and refurbishment of the property as it had, among other issues, become clear that it did not meet the modern requirements of fire containment.

front of house

Following acquisition, How Are You Ltd have carried out works on the property including:

  • renewal of all bedroom doors to meet current safety regulations;
  • modernisation of lighting provision using LED fittings, reducing energy consumption;
  • creation of additional en-suite bathroom facilities;
  • provision of self-catering kitchens according to local authority guidelines for ‘houses of multiple occupation’;
  • electrical installation and refurbishment affecting the fire alarm, emergency lighting and general power supply;
  • renewal of roofing;
  • decoration and servicing of the gas central heating.

Kitchen1Kitchen 1.2Kitchen2

Fire containment was a critical element in the overall development and included installation, in certain areas, of new fire breaks.

Fire Door

bedroom door

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