Personalised Building Care

Tailored Building Solutions

Our diversity of skills means we are able to provide a ‘one-stop’ shop for your building’s care.

Personalised Building Care is a tailored suite of services that provides a ‘one-stop’ solution for the maintenance and service needs of your building. Our approach to providing building maintenance is to listen to your needs and then design a solution that maximises cost-effectiveness; ensures rapid response and prevents faults.

This programme provides you with the opportunity to group a wide variety of service provision to one source. This means that you can benefit from a single point of contact, fewer engineer visits and a contractor who has a greater understanding of your building functions and your organisation’s needs. Ultimately this also means that your costs are reduced, collating multiple contracts into one.

For many years we used a variety of contractors to carry out work on the premises. In talking with How Are You it became clear we could group all those together and have a single point of contact. We have been running this system for over a year now and we are certainly benefiting from the simplified approach.

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We are a family owned, multi-skilled company, so you can place a wide range of tasks into our hands with certainty that they will be done effectively, neatly, on time and at a fair cost. It means that we will be able to assist in ways you did not expect.


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